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At WILD EXPOSURES, we plan journeys into nature that are intimate, authentic, and rich with wildlife.  Our hope is to provide a unique opportunity for people to reconnect with nature and have a fun experience learning about wildlife, ecology, conservation, and photography.  Our trips are diverse and offer a wide range of wildlife explorations.  We believe in ethical wildlife viewing and photography practice; and select specific areas to travel that focus on conservation, community, and ecotourism, minimizing the human impact on nature and wildlife.  


Darren has studied wildlife and animal species' behaviours and adaptations for over 30 years, and works tirelessly in the fields of wildlife biology and environmental conservation.  He holds multiple degrees and has taught over 100,000 individuals of all ages about the exciting and bio-diverse world of wildlife.  Darren's images have been widely published in Africa Geographic, WWF Canada, Wild Planet Photo Magazine, and more. He has traveled to five continents and believes in capturing the animal's true essence and majesty in his photographic imagery. 


Tina is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who works with individuals and families, guiding them on a journey of reflection, wellness, and mindful connections. For the past twenty years, Tina has been a seasoned practitioner and educator in her field. She believes that connecting with nature is a pathway to healing the mind/body/spirit. Tina incorporates her love of wildlife and nature photography into her mindful and wellness practice.  Tina's growing body of imagery has been more recently recognized and published by well-known wildlife media and print forums. 

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