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ULTIMATE BOTSWANA    *Space available* 


There is a place where more than 40% of the entire land is conserved for wildlife, virtually the entire northern half of the country.  There is a place where the diversity of African wildlife reaches incredible proportions, a place where elephant populations reach into the hundred thousand, a place where all three big cats stalk, play and roam, a place where the critically endangered wild dogs still flourish, a place with a myriad of birdlife topping 575 species.  There is a place where a watery wilderness, a wetland full of life flows into a massive desert.  This place is BOTSWANA.  


Botswana is most certainly described in superlatives, even by Africa standards it is epic, wild, untouched, dramatic and visionary.  Botswana's human population, barely 2 million is one of the smallest on the continent and along with the Kalahari thirstland covering a huge portion of this nation, make it not only diverse, but with large numbers of megafauna.  Imagine in today's world, a country that has the largest number (over 150,000) of the largest land animal on Earth, --- elephants.  Botswana's wildlife and conservation regions have long adopted the high-cost, low-volume model, whereby many regions have a small human footprint exploring vast wilderness regions with pristine exclusivity. 

"There is nothing better than coming across a leopard, than observing this leopard completely undisturbed, behaving naturally with just a few quiet, respectful people enjoying the experience."         

During this seven day photographic safari and wildlife tour, we will explore two of Botswana's premier regions; the matchless jewel that is the Okavango delta and the Linyanti region, predator central!  Flying into the pristine Okavango delta is an incredible experience.  A myriad of lagoons, channels and islands full of wildlife --- a veritable oasis, a miracle that flows into the mighty Kalahari desert.  The delta is a massive 15,000 sq/km wilderness, free from signs of humanity, pristine and otherworldly.          




This is a terrific region to observe lions, leopard, cheetahs, hippos, elephants, antelope, birdlife and more.  Combining this with the neighbouring Linyanti region, makes for an exceptional safari experience and among the finest in Africa!  The Linyanti is well known for its predator numbers and among the big cats and hyenas, the Linyanti is a special place where African wild dogs still roam, un-harassed and still in large packs.  Within both of these regions we will be staying in lodges and tented camps, luxurious, comfortable, authentic and accommodating.  These camps have expert guides, delicious cuisine and are often solar powered, and being completely open you often have wildlife passing right through camp.  Nothing beats closing your eyes at night, after a day of wildlife viewing and star-gazing, and listening to lion's roaring and hippos and elephants rumbling.



  • highest number of elephants on Earth

  • all five large African carnivores present

  • an impressive 575 bird species

  • exclusive wildlife traversing regions

  • night drives for nocturnal species

  • small and authentic camps

  • dedicated guide and tracker system

  • hosted by a wildlife biologist

  • private vehicle for our intimate group

Includes; all accommodations, all meals, all drinks (inc. beer and wine), twice daily safaris, (inc. walking and night safaris), reserve and conservation fees, all transfers, regional flights, conservation donation, photographic instruction and in camp laundry. 
(*Tailor made tours are also available to fit budgets and duration, contact us for more information!) 

"Absolutely wonderful trip.  Darren is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and very organized.  He completed our fantastic trip into the wilderness." 


"It was such a fun-filled trip, you are an A+ host."  


 "A remarkable experience from start to finish.  So many exceptional wildlife sightings.  Fantastic  10/10." 

This wildlife tour combines exceptionally well with Zambia.  For more information about this  tour and special discounts for combined safaris, contact us

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