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Wonders of WILD KENYA 




Wild, beautiful, diverse, and breathtaking, safaris in Kenya take on a pristine and authentic quality that is hard to match!  Rich in history and enveloped in nature, exploring Kenya’s wilderness realms takes one back to a bygone era of the traditional safari.  Our exploration during this tour will deeply connect participants with the natural rhythms of nature as they have existed for millennia, as well as highlight conservation efforts that embolden communities, protect endangered species and conserve vast tracks of wilderness for future generations.   

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Starting our tour in the Maasai Mara Conservancies, these are pristine and private tracks of wilderness that border the main Mara reserve, (an extension of the massive Greater Serengeti ecosystem) but with a fraction of the visitors, allowing for a much more intimate and authentic exploration of predators and prey, elephant herds, beautiful birdlife, elegant antelope and so much more!  Our small footprint camps are ideally situated to take full advantage of all the Mara ecosystem has to offer.  Combined with expert trackers and guides and led by a 20+ year wildlife biologist, participants will have an incredibly in-depth experience, transformative and life-changing. 

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Photographic opportunities in the Mara are nothing short of spectacular. The full diversity of wildlife species are here, with never-ending unique behaviours to observe and astonish.  Stunning golden light, starting with sunrises and ending with dramatic sunsets, and then exploration into the Kenyan night will reveal an Africa steeped in majesty, marvel and magic!   




We will continue our journey into Northern Kenya, in the shadow of Mount Kenya, to the beautiful Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.  This is a private, successful reserve protecting some of Africa’s most endangered wildlife, including a stronghold of both black and white rhino.  Guides here are dedicated and inspiring and to witness rhino behaving as they have for their 40 million-year history, is an incredible sight to beholden.  Our comfortable camp here will overlook this incredibly beautiful region that is also a haven for the critically endangered Grevy’s zebra as well as elephants, giraffe, lion, leopard and much more.


Combining these two regions in Kenya will offer an unrivalled experience for the visitor, full of inspiration, beauty, wonder, conservation and a true sense of paradise and place.  Our safari will also be directly contributing threefold; to the conservation of critically endangered species, protecting vast acres of diverse wildlife habitat, and empowering Maasai communities to embrace their history, livelihoods, conservation and a prosperous future.      

               TOUR HIGHLIGHTS


  • excellent big cat viewing 

  • huge diversity of antelope species

  • dedicated rhino conservation

  • over 500 bird species 

  • private safari vehicle for our group

  • safaris in private conservancies  

  • wildlife biologist lead tour

  • small and intimate group 

  • returning guests receive 10% off tour cost


Tour Includes:  

All accommodations, all meals, all drinks (incl. beer & wine), twice daily safaris, private safari vehicle, community conservation fees, all transfers, regional flights, photographic instruction and in-camp laundry.

Contact us for tour costs and in-depth itinerary.  

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