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* Space available*    may, june, july

ZAMBIA is a truly wild African destination.  Filled with friendly people, stunning landscapes and a myriad of wildlife species, Zambia has much to offer.  With a third of its land dedicated to wildlife conservation, Zambia is beginning to carve its niche as one of Africa’s most important nations for nature.  This ultimate wildlife and photography tour will explore the jewel in the Zambian crown, South Luangwa National Park, the matchless power of Victoria Falls and the wild beauty of the Lower Zambezi region.  While exploring these three impressive and wondrous areas, our guests will simultaenously be supporting three important conservation projects, targeted at protecting Zambia's carnivores, safeguarding endangered species and helping community empowerment.       


At more than 9,000, South Luangwa is a massive park, and without doubt ranks among the finest in Africa.  This is wild Africa, raw and untouched, majestic and romantic.  From woodlands and riverine habitats, to lovely ebony groves and highlands, South Luangwa has an enticing appeal.  The Luangwa river snakes its way through this beautiful landscape boasting high wildlife densities and diversity.  It is here that one can still witness huge elephant herds, massive hippo pods, hunting lions, secretive leopards, endangered wild dogs, graceful giraffe, playful baboons, beautiful birdlife and much more!   We will explore two remote areas within the Luangwa valley, exclusive and diverse, these regions are pristine and unhurried.  Here we can explore the rhythms of nature and observe wildlife on their own terms in truly magical settings.  Next our small group will take in the mighty wonder that is Victoria Falls.  'The Smoke that Thunders', Victoria Falls is over twice the height of Niagara, and during this time of year its power and beauty are spellbinding. 












After thoroughly enjoying this African wonder, we will travel to a wilderness few have the privilege to experience, the untamed Lower Zambezi!  Here we can silently paddle one of Africa's greatest rivers, alongside browsing elephants and cavorting hippos.  This region is also a stronghold for lions, buffalo, crocodile, antelope and stunning birdlife.  Our accommodations throughout this trip are authentic and comfortable, and run by staff who truly know their craft.  These lodges retain full amenities while having a very small ecological footprint.  Cuisine is delicious and plentiful, and there is nothing like listening to the sounds of the African night while gazing upon a star-studded sky 


"We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment"                            Hilaire Belloc


Includes; all accommodations, all meals, all non-alcohol drinks, beer and wine, twice daily safaris, (inc. vehicle, walking, boat and night safaris), National park and conservation fees, project donations, all transfers, regional flights, photographic instruction and in camp laundry.

(*Tailor made tours are also available to fit budgets and duration, contact us for more information!)



  • a high density of leopards reside in the Luangwa valley

  • over 450 bird species observed 

  • a stronghold for lion populations 

  • highest number of hippos in all of Africa. 

  • the ability to go on night drives to spot nocturnal activity

  • game drives and walking safaris with dedicated guides

  • boat and canoe journeys along the Zambezi 

  • hosted by a wildlife biologist of over 20 years

  • a strong conservation ethos 

  • small guest size and intimate tour 

  • comfortable and authentic accommodations  


This tour combines very well with Ultimate Botswana for an incredible and exclusive  adventure.  For more information and special rates, contact us

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