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 MAJESTIC       Canadian Rockies    

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all seasons!

Epic and iconic, Canada’s rugged Rocky Mountain terrain is an alpine wilderness full of beauty, majesty and mystique.  With crystal clear lakes, pristine and wild rivers, massive forests, alpine meadows and the grandest of peaks, the Rockies of western Canada are both diverse and immense.  Anchored by Banff, Canada’s first national park, protected wilderness lands in this region, both provincial and national top well over six million acres of wilderness habitat, supporting a myriad of biodiversity from moose and grizzly bears to hummingbirds and butterflies, and so much more! 




The Rockies are most certainly the greatest natural jewel in Canada’s crown.  With so many peaks towering well over 10,000 feet, nearly all of Canada’s large mammals present, over 400 species of birdlife, plants, shrubs, wildflowers and trees of every size and shape…this mix of nature is a treasure and marvel on a continental scale. 



We offer journeys and tours to explore this grand terrain for any duration, from a half day to two weeks or more, throughout every season of the year!  While exploring spectacular wilderness realms like Banff, Yoho, Kootenay and Jasper National parks, to the provincial parklands that comprise the beautiful and pristine Kananaskis country, guests will learn of the many complex inter-connections of animal species to their preferred habitats.  Our 20+ year biologist will highlight the incredible diversity, adaptations and behaviours of wildlife species, from carnivores and ungulates, to bats and raptors and much more.  







"Darren was an incredible, dynamic and knowledgeable guide, who showed our group the grandeur of this region and highlighted many of its species beauty and behaviours. A most marvelous journey we shared!" 

 "Darren has led groups of every age, from children, university students, adults to seniors, and is patient and captivating.  Our family had a wonderful nature walk, and learned so much about the surrounding ecosystem and left with a sense of respect and awe."    



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The Rocky Mountains are certainly a photographer’s paradise, and during these nature tours we also provide full photographic support to all skill levels.  Whether it be landscape photography, macro imagery or birds in flight, we tailor-make every outing to our guests comfort and abilities. 

Without a doubt, the Rocky Mountains and its incredible wildlife, both in British Columbia and Alberta, is a sight to behold and a bucket-list destination for all.

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  • all tours are private and intimate

  • comfortable and authentic lodgings

  • conservation focused and led by a wildlife biologist   

  • full photographic support 

  • great for families, couples or individuals 

Contact us for a tailor-made journey throughout the Rockies in any season!  As with all of our tours, returning guests receive 10% off tour costs. 


In addition, feel free to check out our daily workshops in the Education section.          

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